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9 Show Highlights From ISC West 2014

SSI Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine reviews his top highlights from ISC West 2014.
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12 Show They Mean Business at ISC

An insider's view of ISC and 12 solution providers.

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My feet are throbbing, my back is aching, my voice is raspy, my mind is reeling, and I am recovering from sensory overload and thorough exhaustion. So then why do I also feel so energized? Such is the phenomenon of Las Vegas’ ISC West where I ran around nonstop for four days as exhibitor, attendee, press and speaker. What’s noteworthy about that? Just this: It was the busiest ISC West I have seen in 15 years of show-going, and as our industry’s most important event that bodes well for us all.     

The closest to a disparaging word from the hundreds of security professionals I spoke with was a few who said they had not seen much in the way of radically different product offerings. That isn’t surprising following an economic downturn, and there was no shortage of amazing technologies heading in. More importantly, 100% were blown away by the turnout and every supplier was grinning ear to ear with leads two to fourfold beyond expectations.

That’s the macro lowdown. Now, for some micro-level highlights, here are 12 of the most intriguing products and technologies I encountered (given the caveat it represents the 40 or so exhibitors I had time to meet with among some 1,000 on the show floor):

Altronix —Art Director Kirby Han showed me eBridgePlus adapters that transmit via legacy infrastructure to support IP devices up to 1,500 feet without repeaters. Also, the FireSwitch networked NAC power extenders provide real-time status conditions to determine if a service call is required.

Bosch — “You are seeing the power of a large company now being aligned with the market,” said Jeremy Hockham, president of sales – Americas, about unveiling 100+ new products. But it was a 4K UHD surveillance camera prototype that caught my eye with four times the pixels of 1,080p resolution.

ComNet — Skip Haight, V.P. of marketing, was beaming about the fiber/Ethernet transmission provider’s new wireless connectivity solutions. They accommodate point and multipoint communications.

Genetec — The Stratocast video surveillance as a service solution Andrew Elvish, V.P. of marketing, demoed offers integrators a low-barrier entry into cloud-based services.

HID Global — Global PR Specialist Mike Klein walked me through the SEOS identity authentication solution. The credential embeds in NFC smartphones for physical access control, PC logon and biometrics.

Inovonics — V.P. of Marketing Don Commare emphasized people being secured via mobile devices in addition to facilities themselves. The firm’s new access control gateway is an impressive interoperable IP appliance enabling smoother systems integration.

KwikSet — Director, Residential Access Solutions Keith Brandon impressed me with sleek electronic deadbolts as a way to sell more door-based devices.

MicroPower Technologies — President/CEO Aaron Tankersley shared with me second-generation refinements to the company’s solar-powered, wireless surveillance system. The unique product is now more reliable and has enhanced power management.

Mobotix — G.M. Steve Gorski told me about the imminent launch of new 5-megapixel cameras offering thermal capabilities, false alarm-resistant analytics and upgradable sensors. 

Observint Technologies — CMO George Farley told me how the firm’s portfolio of companies is gaining traction. Besides partnering with LG Electronics, there’s infinias access control and new mobile credential solution, DIGIOP’s VMS and 3S Visions’ megapixel cameras.

Samsung — Janet Fenner, group manager of marketing, showed me 20+ new items. Among them was the license-free Security Manager VMS, WiseNet III-based megapixel cameras and 2TB edge storage.

WaveStore — V.P. of Marketing & Sales Mike Scirica walked me through a slick VMS that dewarps 360° camera feeds to simulate views of what would ordinarily require many more cameras.

Another fantastic innovation I saw was not from a vendor but from an integrator — Diebold’s SecureStat (see ISC West wrap-up). Also check out our online coverage that includes my podcasts with Interlogix’s Kostas Mellos, Siemens’ Sam Docknevich and Stanley’s John Memerofsky, ONVIF panel and blog on DMP’s Owners Forum.

Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine has spent nearly 15 years with SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION. He can be reached at (704) 663-7125 or scott.goldfine@securitysales.

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