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Dick Soloway

SSI Hall Of Fame: 2004

Career Highlights


  • In junior high, built electronic circuits using first transistor
  • In high school, began installing electronic garage door openers
  • In late 1960s, began designing guitar amplifiers and sound effects boxes
  • Developed first reliable alarm telephone dialer, with solenoid tape transport that never jammed
  • Product evolved into MARK 5000 tape dialer
  • When sales hit $500,000, NAPCO went public
  • In the late 1980s, NAPCO acquired Alarm Lock
  • Purchased Continental Instruments

Why He’s on the List

  • Developed one of alarm industry’s first electronic sirens and outdoor siren boxes
  • Then came line of NAPCO control panels, followed by digital dialers that used a chip for programming (PROM)
  • Other noteworthy products included microprocessor-based control panels; hybrid alarm panels and wireless components; integration of electronic keypads into door locks; integrated alarms with access control; and much more

Comments & Reaction: “When you really enjoy what you’re doing, and the fruits of your labor truly serve to make the world a safer place for others, when one gets recognized by his peers… I’ll just borrow a quote from Jackie Gleason and say with all due modesty, ‘How sweet it is!’”

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