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Joel Konicek

SSI Hall Of Fame: 2004

Career Highlights

  • Graduated from Univ. of Florida as an engineer
  • First job was helping develop security equipment for Webster Electric
  • Spent five years as installing dealer
  • In 1982, founded Northern Computers with brother-in-law
  • In 1998, published “Security, ID Systems and Locks: The Book on Electronic Access Control”

Why He’s on The List

  • Developed distributed intelligence systems not requiring computer for decisions
  • “Building block approach” didn’t require throwing away old parts, components and software backward compatible
  • In 1983, marketed PC-based systems, providing departure from mini-computer-based solutions of 1970s
  • Created software for dealers for $500, about one-tenth what other manufacturers were charging
  • Expanded market to hundreds of thousands of new customers

Comments & Reaction: “I would like to be remembered as a person who served others rather than himself, never abused authority given to me by others and returned substantial profits to shareholders.”

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