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Joseph Freeman

SSI Hall of Fame: 2004

Career Highlights

  • Worked for General Foods, Remington and GE
  • In 1979, joined Wells Fargo security as vice president of marketing
  • Became COO before leaving corporate world
  • Eventually launched research and consulting business
  • Since then, has contributed to success of 700 corporations in three nations

Why He’s on the List

  • Widely recognized as industry’s most prominent supplier of market research
  • Reports and custom research have helped hundreds of companies
  • Developed business-building programs for manufacturers, home automation companies, utilities, communications firms, investors and trade associations
  • Helped ADT develop mass-market program in late 1980s

Comments & Reaction: “It was tough in the beginning, but it was clear that the security industry didn’t know much about itself. It is now 20 years later and we’re happy to have a reputation for the contributions we’ve made. Being named to this list is absolutely wonderful! I enjoy writing my monthly column for SSI and to receive this acknowledgement is great.”

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