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Peter Michel

SSI Hall Of Fame: 2004

Career Highlights

  • Served as naval officer and federal gov’t exec
  • Was VP of Penn Central Corp.
  • Helped create Penn Central Technical Security Co., an anti-terrorism physical security entity
  • Named president and CEO of Brink’s Home Security in 1988
  • Left Brink’s in 2002, when he was named chairman of Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Homeland Security Advisory Council

Why He’s on This List

  • Guided Brink’s from 66,000 customers, 22 markets and $26 million in revenues to 700,000 customers, 100 markets and $258 million
  • Helped Brink’s post 13 consecutive years of record profits
  • One of first to introduce mass marketing, among few to do it successfully
  • Recognized champion of false alarm reduction
  • Proponent of traditional physical security evolving into comprehensive life-safety and anti-terrorism solutions

Comments & Reaction: “I believe in the industry’s mission of protecting people and facilities against a wide range of threats. I care about the people in the industry; I admire their dedication to what is both a business and a calling. It’s a great honor to be included in this distinguished listing.”

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