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Wade Moose

SSI Hall Of Fame: 2004

Career Highlights

  • Started in CCTV business in 1968, selling cameras to banks
  • In 1971, founded Cataba Valley Security Systems, sold it in 1975
  • Developed central station using 27MHz transmitters
  • Sold design to ADT
  • In 1973, founded Moose Products Manufacturing
  • Sold in 1987 to Aritech, later bought by Sentrol, then Interlogix, then GE
  • Returned in 1995 as manufacturer of a small siren
  • Founded Elk Products, which makes 150 products today
  • Also founded The Systems Depot, a wholesale distributor

Why He’s on the List

  • In 1983, introduced Z 1100 control panel, which became ADT’s standard for more than a decade and sold millions worldwide
  • Created products with superior power supplies, solid microprocessor controls, easy programming and plug-in components
  • Produced one of first really loud sirens, comparable to a police car
  • Built own rechargeable batteries and more

Comments & Reaction: “The stuff we sold was bulletproof and had the lowest return percentage on the market. I have been doing this for 35 years and I have had a great run and have loved every minute of it.”

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