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5 Earn Hall of Fame Honors

A peacemaker with AHJs, a champion of technologies and standards, a wizard of finance, a builder of the industry’s finest dealer program and a trade association luminary are elected into SSI’s Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement. Find out how they toppled challenges and maximized opportunity to excel where most fail.

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[IMAGE]12014[/IMAGE]Jay Hauhn

Current Status: Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Industry Relations, ADT North America

Keys to Success

“When a new industry issue is up for discussion, I spend a lot of time listening to the views of other firms, as well as internal subject matter experts. That allows me to put things in perspective. It is rare for ADT’s position on an issue to conflict with the good of the industry because in the end we all have the same goal of serving our customers’ needs the best we can. From a personal standpoint, I would not have achieved the success I have had without the support of my wife and family. I have also had several real mentors who had a significant impact on my career, the biggest being Mike Kennelly [former vice president at ADT].”

How Things Have Changed

“The means we use to send alarm signals from protected premises to monitoring centers remained virtually the same for a hundred years. That changed in the early 1980s when digital dialers became mainstream. The rapidly advancing communications technology that sends high speed data to a device you hold in your hand is now driving performance expectation for security products. Consumers watch HD movies on handheld devices. It’s just natural that security directors expect that same level of technology for the video used in security applications. The industry is changing quickly. What was a ‘security device’ just three years ago is now often an ‘IT appliance.’ New entrants driven by that transition will continue to increase and accelerate the implementation of emerging technologies.”

Being Active in Trade Associations

“Even though the three primary industry associations — SIA, CSAA and ESA — have unique membership profiles, many issues are a concern to all three. When that happens, it is fun to work simultaneously with all three to meet a mutually agreed upon goal. I got to know most of the ‘movers and shakers’ in the industry as a result of managing ADT’s product and engineering teams. It was a natural fit for me to then lead our Industry Relations team that works closely with the associations. They all have talented staffs that do the heavy lifting, allowing membership to focus on their day jobs.”

Something People Might Not Know

He spent six months as a runner for ADT, carrying a gun and keybox, investigating alarm events. During his first night on the job while investigating a burglar alarm, his trainer parked their ADT car under a spring-loaded fire exit ladder. The trainer pulled on the ladder, causing it to slam through the hood of the car. 

Biggest Wish for the Industry

“That all security firms would realize the value the Security Industry Alarm Coalition brings to the entire industry. SIAC does an incredible job working with municipalities when detrimental ordinances are proposed. SIAC is funded 100 percent by donations, and the economy has caused many firms to reduce or even eliminate their donations. Proverbially speaking, that is ‘penny wise and dollar foolish.’ All industry firms need to realize the value SIAC has to their businesses, and open up their checkbooks.”

Why He’s on the List

  • A specialist in security technology for more than three decades, ran ADT’s corporate product management and engineering teams for several years
  • Pivotal role in ADT influencing manufacturer innovation and product enhancements
  • As outspoken member of the boards of directors for CSAA, ESA and SIA, acts as a catalyst for positive alignment of the security and fire alarm professions
  • Chairman of the joint CSAA-IAFC committee on false fire alarms, and worked with UL to reduce bottlenecks for new technology
  • Frequent speaker on topics of interest to the entire industry, and recipient of SIA’s 2009 Statesman Award

[IMAGE]12015[/IMAGE]The Hauhn File


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