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Getting Video to Play Nice on the Network

Yes, IP video is making significant inroads in the marketplace, but what are some of the expected advances to be seen as second-generation products/systems emerge and as physical and logical security become more intertwined?

The emergent footprint of Internet protocol (IP)-based video surveillance demands close attention from physical systems integrators who are intent not to be stampeded by the technology’s eventual rush. 

Fueled by lower costs and systems that are easier to learn, the security marketplace is already fertile ground for the adoption of standalone IP video systems. As physical and logical security become evermore intertwined, integrators must gauge the status of the market today, and beyond.

IP Video Directed Mainly at New Construction, Security Solutions

Total IP video surveillance systems are mainly focused on new construction applications and security installations equipped with existing Cat-5e or -6 wiring or a wireless communication system. 

In new construction, it is estimated that laying down network cables can save 50 to 60 percent of costs. It is simpler and more economical than laying thick bundles of coaxial cable, pan/tilt/zoom (p/t/z) control wires, audio wires and power cables.

For example, many universities and K-12 schools throughout North America have already made the investment to network classrooms and are now adding a security infrastructure where one did not exist before. Since the facilities are already wired, layering IP camera technology on the existing infrastructure is cost-effective and enables school and district administrators to view video remotely.

State and local government is another area ripe for IP video installations as they look to wire entire cities, possibly leveraging wireless mesh networks. Once the network is installed, surveillance can be layered on to help secure the community.

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