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ADT Customer Claims Security Alarm Failed 4 Times

A Missouri woman claims that each time her home security system went off, ADT failed to contact her.

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REPUBLIC, Mo. — An Ozarks woman is crying foul against ADT, claiming that the company did not provide her with any assistance when her home security system failed her four times.

The woman, who did not want her name released, said that each time her alarm went off, she never heard from ADT nor did police arrive at the scene, reports.

In one incident, the customer did receive a phone call; however, it was an automated message, prompting the woman to press “1” to speak to an ADT agent or two if there was an emergency.

ADT released a statement state that it is investigating the issue. Additionally, the alarm firm noted that it appears that the customer disarmed the system before a signal was transmitted; however, if the alarm had not been disarmed, ADT would have responded.

“In the case of an emergency, and the customer not disarming their system, a signal would have been transmitted to an ADT 24/7 monitoring center for immediate attention, including an attempt to reach the customer by phone, followed by proper dispatch of authorities,” according to the statement.

As for the automated call that the customer received, ADT says that if an alarm is triggered and a signal is sent, followed by the panel being disarmed, the alarm firm will send out a courtesy follow up message to ensure that there is no real emergency.

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