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Business cards must be creative, informative and artistic. The best cards convey additional service

In Japan, the exchange of business cards between clients is an honored ritual. Traditionally, a Japanese business person graciously accepts a business card by grasping it firmly with both hands. The card is then carefully read and placed in the shirt pocket with the printed side facing inward, or symbolically toward the heart.

In the United States, no such customary ceremony is connected to the exchange of business cards; however, this does not minimize the importance of creating a quality card for your security company.

Business cards are often the first tangible impression a prospect receives of your company. In a small amount of space, a card must include basic information such as the services you provide, the company name/logo, and your address/phone/fax numbers. The best cards go the extra mile to convey additional service information, a slogan, the position of your alarm company in the community, and even your state license number. All this must be done in an attractive and affordable manner.

The winners of the 1996 Security Sales SAMMY Awards for Best Business Card each took a different approach to reach the same result: the creation of a quality business card.

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