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Bob Dolph · October 17, 2014 · Video systems designers and installers can’t blindly trust the specifications manufacturers present on their cameras. Let’s look at some real-world evaluations and key performance criteria to consider. A slideshow of five IP cameras is also included.
Bob Dolph · October 14, 2014 · Chances are you won’t be installing too many systems that must adhere to true UL certification. But examining some core UL standards will give security contractors a strong foundation that should help improve their work.
Bob Dolph · August 26, 2014 · Sound detection devices are expanding in their applications to cover glass breaking, gunshots, and more.
Bob Dolph · August 18, 2014 · Considering a low-voltage power supply is behind every video, access control, intrusion and fire system, a systems integrator had better get it right. Find out how smarter power supplies are exceeding traditional devices as connected components that provide system diagnostics and alerts.
Bob Dolph · July 29, 2014 · If you’re seeking to stand out from the competition, try strain gauge or stress sensor systems. They can help curb false alarms and work toward other useful automated functions to benefit clients.
Bob Dolph · June 26, 2014 · National Safety Month is a perfect time to get your security company up to speed on learning about and implementing best worker safety practices.
Bob Dolph · February 10, 2014 · ASG Security has acquired National Alarm Systems, a provider of security and fire alarm systems in a deal that brings nearly $300,000 in recurring monthly revenue.
Bob Dolph · February 04, 2014 · Since 1964, Sonitrol’s alarm verification technology has helped to maximize the efficiency of local law enforcement agencies’ time and resources.
Bob Dolph · January 09, 2014 · Those who look at service calls as a headache and a drain to the bottom line are missing the boat. Proper training all down the line from sales to installation to service to customer minimizes service call frequency and maximizes opportunities.
Bob Dolph · December 23, 2013 · Take a look at SSI's Tech Talk columnist Bob Dolph's 15 picks for the 2013 Top 30 Technology Innovations list.
Bob Dolph · December 01, 2013 · When you think about it, a cable splice is really the termination of two or more wires. And poor cable termination practices are the No. 1 technical problem for alarm system installation and service. Thus the need to discuss some time-proven cable splicing techniques.
Bob Dolph · October 31, 2013 · With no apparent slowdown in sight for violent outbursts claiming innocent lives in areas where people gather, it is time to reassess all areas of access control. Find out how better practices and technology advancements can help the cause.
Bob Dolph · September 30, 2013 · While video surveillance is the most overt example of the security industry’s technology advancement the past 20 years, too often it’s also a leading source of disappointment due to improper deployment and usage. Find out some of the system design techniques, features and best practices to…
Bob Dolph · September 03, 2013 · One of the most basic elements of an intrusion system is the alarm contact or switch used to secure doors, windows and other building openings. Although ubiquitous and not overly complex, alarm contacts nonetheless require the utmost attention to ensure proper alarm system operations.
Bob Dolph · July 31, 2013 · As security practitioners we tend to limit our horizons by remaining in the same circles. Particularly as technologies continue to converge and evolve, the lines become blurred among building systems. Audio/visual, real estate and construction are examples of fields crossing more and more into our realm.

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