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Bob Wimmer · August 25, 2009 · Although megapixel cameras may not be necessary for all applications, there are many where their technology provides an undeniably superior solution. Features like greater detail and wider coverage make them ideal for identification and forensic purposes.
Bob Wimmer · June 25, 2009 · While bandwidth is widening, larger video systems and more advanced megapixel cameras are continuing to push the throughput limits of network piping. Fortunately, new compression methods such as H.264 are available to help keep surveillance data flowing.
Bob Wimmer · June 07, 2009 · Gang way, the Megapixel Revolution is upon us! No, it’s not the latest “Transformer” movie blockbuster but rather the coined phrase signifying the arrival of superior video surveillance technology. This, the first of a four-part series, has been designed to transform you into an expert on the topic.
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