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Julie Jacobson · November 29, 2016 · Research shows sales of standard surveillance cameras, smart doorbell cameras, security systems and smart “detectors” will be way up this season.
Julie Jacobson · November 18, 2016 · SnapAV has acquired Visualint, an up-and-coming player in the home automation and security channels.
Julie Jacobson · November 16, 2016 · Samsung Electronics announced it was buying Harman for $8 billion, but made no mention of AMX.
Julie Jacobson · November 03, 2016 · It’s not that Millennials and other with-it customers want cheap; they just want smart home solutions that are simple and convenient. Will traditional custom installers meet their needs, or will Millennial-run start-ups own the market?
Julie Jacobson · October 31, 2016 · With the new Google Home hub and Google Assistant speech-recognition engine, plus integration with Nest IoT devices and audio/video via Cast, Google will rival Apple (Homekit) and Amazon (Alexa) in voice-controlled home automation.
Julie Jacobson · October 31, 2016 · Developer Chowmain updates IFTTT driver for Control4 home automation, adding support for Google Home IoT hub and Google Assistant voice control. CEO compares Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration platforms.
Julie Jacobson · October 18, 2016 · Three principals of the high-end integration firm Xssentials launched an ambitious franchise-like business one year ago called HAUS (Home Automation University), but the group couldn’t attract members quickly enough to sustain the costly venture.
Julie Jacobson · September 28, 2016 · Comcast/Xfinity first announced IP control for its X1 cable boxes last year, although it has yet to deliver. However, CEDIA 2016 showed some progress with Control4 for home automation integration.
Julie Jacobson · August 26, 2016 · Coldwell has partnered with August, Lutron and Nest to create what it bills as the real estate industry's first ever Smart Home Staging Kit.
Julie Jacobson · June 16, 2016 · Leading SHaaS (smart home as a service) provider Icontrol is reportedly being sold to Comcast/Xfinity and erstwhile rival What does this mean for the security and home automation market?
Julie Jacobson · April 11, 2016 · At ISC West 2016, Napco announced its smart home as a service platform iBridge will now be compatible with Honeywell, DSC and soon Interlogix alarm systems.
Julie Jacobson · March 30, 2016 · Video doorbells are taking the home security market by storm and figure to be a main theme at ISC West.
Julie Jacobson · February 22, 2016 · Z-Wave latest smart home technology was approved for UL 1023 compliance, which will help it gain a major advantage in the home security space.
Julie Jacobson · February 05, 2016 · Founders of the high-end integration firm Xssentials are launching HAUS, a franchise-like smart-home training and support program to help integrators run high-volume security and home automation businesses utilizing leading brands such as Savant and Sonos.
Julie Jacobson · February 04, 2016 · In Pakedge, Control4 acquires networking expertise, an industry-leading suite of networking, power management and cloud-based remote management capabilities.


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