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Jason Knott · April 20, 2017 · When Colorado legalized marijuana, new business potential was born. Perhaps an underrated business category was securing the cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers. Security Grade Protective Services uses video surveillance systems with high-end megapixel cameras and a central station facility…
Jason Knott · April 06, 2017 · Announced at ISC West, ADT Pulse automation and security system surpasses its 2 millionth customer. Pulse 8.0 revamped design due out this spring.
Jason Knott · April 03, 2017 · From processing power to lens selection to proper positioning, here are 13 tips to help shed light on proper installation of cameras in low-light conditions.
Jason Knott · February 01, 2017 · List of top 10 'most-infected' cities in U.S. in terms of devices that carry malware shows integrators where cybersecurity opportunities lie.
Jason Knott · January 31, 2017 · Like Massachusetts, Philadelphia makes it illegal for employers to ask prospective employees about their salary history.
Jason Knott · January 30, 2017 · The FCC has warned private industry to clean up their act, or it will do it for them.
Jason Knott · January 26, 2017 · Emerald Expositions is the largest trade show operator in the U.S.
Jason Knott · January 13, 2017 · If one of your clients' homes has an incident and you receive a 'claim letter' inquiry, you need to immediately contact your insurance company, preserve all records related to that account, limit what you provide to the client's insurer or lawyer, and don't try to explain what happened.
Jason Knott · January 05, 2017 · has announced plans to develop autonomous, video-enabled drones for smart home and business security that will use the company's new Insights Engine multi-sensor learning capability.
Jason Knott · December 19, 2016 · Melrose Industries and Nortek security and home automation groups get common leadership under Mike O'Neal after this past year's acquisition.
Jason Knott · November 11, 2016 · The A/V solutions distributor will move away from reliance on physical branch locations to centralized distribution centers, expanded field sales force with call centers, and web portal for purchasing.
Jason Knott · October 31, 2016 · A new bill would make all monitoring agreements with annual auto-renewal clauses revert to just month-to-month renewals upon expiration of initial term. Requires renewal clauses to be more conspicuous in contracts.
Jason Knott · October 03, 2016 · Starting June 1, 2017, installing security contractors must pay overtime to any worker earning less than $47,476 annually, more than double the previous threshold. NAHB lawsuit aims to stop the law from being enacted while pushing for a gradual increase in the limit.
Jason Knott · September 28, 2016 · There is nothing out of the ordinary tool-wise that integrators need to carry to install central vacuum systems.
Jason Knott · September 20, 2016 · Study from Houzz reveals that almost half of all home renovations include the addition of some form of smart-home technology, led by security systems.


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