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Jason Knott · March 20, 2015 · Google has filed a patent called 'Security Scoring in a Smart-Sensored Home' that appears to focus on tying automated devices together in a residence along with regular security alerts.
Jason Knott · February 19, 2015 · Sound Concepts installed an ELAN g! home automation system, an HAI security system, 24 surveillance cameras and more in a 43,000-square-foot home featured on the 'Amazing America with Sarah Palin' and 'Clash of the Ozarks' cable TV shows.
Jason Knott · February 16, 2015 · Hewlett Packard’s (HP) 2014 HP Internet of Things study reveals that home security systems are easily hacked, especially those connected to the cloud, primarily due to inadequate password authentication.
Jason Knott · January 08, 2015 · UTC's Interlogix is now shipping the ZeroWire self-contained wireless security and home automation system to select high-volume dealers. The company plans to integrate the system with other UTC brands like Carrier and Kidde will be forthcoming
Jason Knott · January 07, 2015 · Nortek Security and Control is priming the newly launched GoControl brand name to be the umbrella brand for new devices that are not only DIY themostats and self-install home security systems, but also devices that can be sold and installed by security systems integrators.
Jason Knott · January 06, 2015 · Honeywell will unveil its voice-control technology to a new professional-grade home security system under the Lyric brand name at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Lyric system features cameras, motion, smoke and sensors that integrates with home automation, and control of lighting,…
Jason Knott · January 02, 2015 · Legal expert and Security Sales & Integration columnist Ken Kirschenbaum says electronic security contractors need to update contracts, pay down debt, think about an exit strategy and more if they want to build recurring monthly revenue (RMR) in the New Year.
Jason Knott · December 22, 2014 · Cell phone carrier U.S. Cellular's OnLook Digital System uses's cloud-based platform for a $199 home automation package with security, CO detector, smoke detector, lighting module, appliance module and smart thermostat under a 2-year, $50/month contract.
Jason Knott · December 19, 2014 · Integrators should consider using tracking software, conducting evaluations, offering training and more to motivate and monitor employees.
Jason Knott · December 16, 2014 · Learn how a central locking system, organized shelving, fuel efficiency and a ‘mobile workshop’ can help your security work vehicle be more efficient.
Jason Knott · November 26, 2014 · During the recession, some security dealers shut down their installation departments completely and lived just on recurring monthly revenue (RMR) until the economy picked up again.
Jason Knott · November 21, 2014 · At ISC East, Napco's Jorge Hevia details the four key elements of the iBridge Connected Home Dealer Program, including training, marketing assistance, and special product pricing.
Jason Knott · November 20, 2014 · The event, sponsored by SIA, is still the largest security convention in the Northeast U.S. Show managers Reed Exposition was expecting to see increased attendance at this year’s event from November 19-20.
Jason Knott · November 14, 2014 · At the CE Pro Summit, Netsertive outlines the best practices for E-mail marketing campaigns, from which day of the week and what time to send them, and what is the best content to use.
Jason Knott · October 02, 2014 · Vivint Solar's IPO is aimed at repaying debt owed to Blackstone Group, which holds 78 percent of the company's shares.