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Jeff Zwirn · November 01, 2016 · Prominently marketing itself as the anti-alarm industry solution, DIY home security systems provider SimpliSafe has quickly amassed a large customer base. However, an independent forensic analysis shoots holes in the company’s model, claims and technology.
Jeff Zwirn · July 19, 2016 · A Tennessee couple's glass break detector on their home alarm system did not activate when their windows were smashed in a home robbery. This could answer why.
Jeff Zwirn · August 26, 2015 · Security Sales & Integration contributor Jeff Zwirn shares why security systems integrators never want to use never use burglar alarm contracts or homemade contracts for CCTV surveillance systems.
Jeff Zwirn · August 25, 2015 · Do you think you know a lot about IP networking? Take SSI's August Security Science quiz to test your knowledge!
Jeff Zwirn · June 19, 2015 · Can you define what negligence is? Can limitation of liability clauses generally protect alarm contractors from violation of statutory law? Take SSI's June Security Science quiz to test your knowledge!
Jeff Zwirn · April 27, 2015 · Recent national reports of the alarm system at George H.W. Bush’s home being inoperable and not in commission for more than a year is unconscionable. Professional alarm contractors know better and would never knowingly leave an alarm system inoperable for such a gross period of time; let alone at a…
Jeff Zwirn · March 23, 2015 · Based on recent incidents, an action plan and refocus needs to start now to address each and every aspect, everything, for both the physical and electronic security systems at the White House.
Jeff Zwirn · February 20, 2015 · This month’s tip discusses why it is important for security alarm contractors are aware of the fundamentals of construction projects.
Jeff Zwirn · February 20, 2015 · Can you define a parameter cost estimate? Do you know the premium a contractor must pay for contract bonds? Take SSI's February Security Science quiz to test your knowledge!
Jeff Zwirn · January 20, 2015 · Security systems integrators must comply with the requirements issued by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) when designing and installing access control systems or it could lead to a fatal injury.
Jeff Zwirn · January 20, 2015 · Do you know what UL standard applies to access control systems? Or, do you know which UL standard a ‘proprietary burglar alarm unit and system’ is listed under? Take SSI's January Security Science quiz to test your knowledge!
Jeff Zwirn · October 02, 2014 · Following the recent White House breach, aggressive and sweeping changes need to be implemented at the White House now. Here's why the Secret Service should subscribe to many of the proven practices security alarm industry professionals follow.
Jeff Zwirn · September 12, 2014 · This month’s tip notes why it is important for security systems integrators to keep paper trails of their business transactions.
Jeff Zwirn · January 09, 2014 · Take our January Security Science Quiz!
Jeff Zwirn · December 01, 2013 · Take our December Security Science Quiz!


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