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Ken Kirschenbaum · January 14, 2016 · Continuing to use outdated alarm contract forms is almost as bad as continuing to sell and install obsolete alarm systems, argues SSI columnist Ken Kirschenbaum.
Ken Kirschenbaum · July 08, 2015 · Security Sales & Integration's "Legal Briefing" columnist Ken Kirschenbaum discusses new details security systems integrators need to consider about automatic renewal provisions.
Ken Kirschenbaum · June 09, 2015 · Security Sales & Integration's "Legal Briefing" columnist Ken Kirschenbaum discusses how security systems integrators can classify alarm equipment for tax purposes.
Ken Kirschenbaum · May 06, 2015 · Is a fire marshal, an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), allowed to modify the fire code in a municipality without an amendment to the fire code? Security Sales & Integration columnist Ken Kirschebaum discusses in the latest "Legal Briefing" column.
Ken Kirschenbaum · April 09, 2015 · Security dealers need to be prepared with answers when subscribers object to automatic renewal. Security Sales & Integration’s “Legal Briefing” columnist Ken Kirschenbaum teaches dealers how to respond.
Ken Kirschenbaum · March 11, 2015 · Are you considering entering the do-it-yourself (DIY) alarm business? Security Sales & Integration's Legal Briefing Legal Briefing columnist Ken Kirchenbaum considers caveats to the lure of the DIY alarm business. and
Ken Kirschenbaum · February 09, 2015 · Security Sales & Integration columnist and legal expert Ken Kirschenbaum explains the why electronic security companies need to have a sales team that does not deceive consumers when selling alarm systems door-to-door.
Ken Kirschenbaum · January 08, 2015 · SSI's Legal Briefing columnist Ken Kirschenbaum discusses a class action lawsuit that claims ADT’s wireless systems are easily hacked by unauthorized third parties. Kirschenbaum warns small electronic security firms that while ADT may prevail in the lawsuit, most companies would be financially hard…
Ken Kirschenbaum · December 17, 2014 · Subscriber contracts hold the key to company valuations.
Ken Kirschenbaum · November 20, 2014 · SSI's "Legal Briefing" columnist Ken Kirschenbaum offers electronic security contractors recommendations for retaining renewals and recurring monthly revenue.
Ken Kirschenbaum · November 18, 2014 · If security system integrators are offering mobile personal response systems (mPERS) to their clients, they need to be aware of the laws that require the safeguarding of personal medical information, specifically HIPAA Security, Privacy and Breach Notification Rules.
Ken Kirschenbaum · October 27, 2014 · Security alarm companies need to make sure that the fine print on contracts expresses clear, concise and unmistakable language for consumers to understand.
Ken Kirschenbaum · October 16, 2014 · Installing security contractors need to watch out for potential early termination pitfalls.
Ken Kirschenbaum · July 24, 2014 · A security company is a party to agreements that requires the firm to provide indemnity. Learn what you should expect the indemnified party to invoke its right to indemnity if the occasion arises.
Ken Kirschenbaum · March 05, 2014 · Negative publicity about a lawsuit involving one of your competitors in the alarm business not only hurts that company, but damages the electronic security industry’s reputation.


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