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Ken Kirschenbaum · May 05, 2017 · There are four main steps you should take when asked for records regarding the alarm system and incidents.
Ken Kirschenbaum · February 10, 2017 · Ken Kirschenbaum isn't ashamed to admit he didn't know the meaning of IoT. Read why he believes it's important to get with the times and stop being afraid to ask questions.
Ken Kirschenbaum · January 20, 2017 · One thing is for sure, you definitely need a lawyer when selling or buying an alarm business.
Ken Kirschenbaum · November 25, 2016 · Determining if it's contract terms that bind a subscriber to an alarm company or if it's something more.
Ken Kirschenbaum · October 14, 2016 · Counting the ways to alert your account base besides calling.
Ken Kirschenbaum · September 28, 2016 · Straight answers on suing employees when they screw up.
Ken Kirschenbaum · August 25, 2016 · Addressing insurance concerns following sales and acquisitions.
Ken Kirschenbaum · July 20, 2016 · When can audio be recorded? When is it considered eavesdropping?
Ken Kirschenbaum · June 10, 2016 · Alarm companies need to be on the lookout for the door knocking competition. Some are from legitimate competitors, while others might be unlicensed and doing whatever it takes to poach your subscribers.
Ken Kirschenbaum · May 19, 2016 · Door knocking is viewed poorly because of deceptive sales tactics used by some. Use these proper practices to use the sales tactic to bring in more subscribers.
Ken Kirschenbaum · April 22, 2016 · When and how should indemnity contracts be applied in the alarm industry?
Ken Kirschenbaum · April 06, 2016 · The largest reported alarm defense case in history began its story on March 14, 2010 when five burglars cut their way through the roof of pharmaceutical company Eil Lilly’s warehouse and stole $60 million of Prozac, Zyprexa and other prescription drugs.
Ken Kirschenbaum · March 31, 2016 · Some business, including security companies, are trying to lure in new customers with offers of "no contracts," only to see the terms and conditions that coincide with the offer. These kinds of tactics are risky from a legal perspective.
Ken Kirschenbaum · February 25, 2016 · Without automatic renewal, alarm services would (or at least should) terminate abruptly. The consequences of such termination of services for fire alarm protection, personal emergency response, environmental alarms and intrusion alarms expose not only the subscriber but the alarm company.
Ken Kirschenbaum · January 14, 2016 · Continuing to use outdated alarm contract forms is almost as bad as continuing to sell and install obsolete alarm systems, argues SSI columnist Ken Kirschenbaum.


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