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Ken Kirschenbaum · October 27, 2014 · Security alarm companies need to make sure that the fine print on contracts expresses clear, concise and unmistakable language for consumers to understand.
Ken Kirschenbaum · October 16, 2014 · Installing security contractors need to watch out for potential early termination pitfalls.
Ken Kirschenbaum · July 24, 2014 · A security company is a party to agreements that requires the firm to provide indemnity. Learn what you should expect the indemnified party to invoke its right to indemnity if the occasion arises.
Ken Kirschenbaum · March 05, 2014 · Negative publicity about a lawsuit involving one of your competitors in the alarm business not only hurts that company, but damages the electronic security industry’s reputation.
Ken Kirschenbaum · January 09, 2014 · Beating back attrition by being proactive before the customer cancels.
Ken Kirschenbaum · January 07, 2014 · A Washington alarm company owner is facing felony charges for refusing to turn over video surveillance tapes to police in connection with an armed robbery investigation.
Ken Kirschenbaum · December 31, 2013 · In his latest blog, Ken Kirschenbaum shares a list of the top 10 things that electronic security company owners should consider for 2014.
Ken Kirschenbaum · December 01, 2013 · Why failure to properly perform extra contractual duties can give rise to a tort claim.
Ken Kirschenbaum · November 13, 2013 · Ken Kirschenbaum shares the best way for alarm dealers to terminate difficult subscribers.
Ken Kirschenbaum · October 31, 2013 · Does that general contractor's form you've been asked to sign contain protective provisions.
Ken Kirschenbaum · October 30, 2013 · To avoid attrition, it is imperative for electronic security contractors to develop a plan to address the problem before it occurs, not after.
Ken Kirschenbaum · October 17, 2013 · Is it wise for smaller alarm companies to pursue legal action against other firms who use unethical sales practices to steal away subscribers?
Ken Kirschenbaum · September 30, 2013 · Warranties warrant your undivided attention to avoid conflicts with customers.
Ken Kirschenbaum · September 17, 2013 · Is it legal to position a surveillance camera directly into a next door neighbor’s yard? Ken Kirschenbaum answers that question and more in the latest "Legal Briefing" blog.
Ken Kirschenbaum · September 04, 2013 · Are non-compete agreements necessary when selling accounts? Ken Kirschenbaum answers in this blog.

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