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Kevin Lehan · August 10, 2016 · Mass notifications not only keep community members in the loop on developing situations, but it's also a valuable source of RMR for alarm companies.
Kevin Lehan · May 16, 2016 · In order to keep up with the latest mergers in the alarm industry, alarm contractors need to consider opting for third-party central stations to help cut down on costs and hassle.
Kevin Lehan · August 24, 2015 · Monitoring Matters columnist Kevin Lehan discusses the impact of NFPA 72 code revisions on authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and central stations.
Kevin Lehan · May 04, 2015 · With more burglars hacking and jamming alarm systems, security dealers need to address this threat to ensure that the central station receives signals from wireless systems.
Kevin Lehan · February 23, 2015 · Daily history reports can help security integrators catch what they may have missed.
Kevin Lehan · November 17, 2014 · Learn how central stations can aid in implementing best practices to standardize installations and maximize overall account value.
Kevin Lehan · September 18, 2014 · Implementing video verification can help a security dealer increase subscriber base value because the technology usually delivers faster police response.
Kevin Lehan · August 28, 2014 · Think about how existing clients can create new RMR.
Kevin Lehan · October 31, 2013 · Why it is vital to educate the homeowner about contract terms.
Kevin Lehan · July 31, 2013 · A trifecta of recurring revenue opportunities.
Kevin Lehan · April 30, 2013 · Have your central station provide automatic system status reports to AHJs.
Kevin Lehan · January 31, 2013 · Steps you can take to prepare for the 2G sunset.
Kevin Lehan · November 01, 2012 · Underscoring the benefits of video intrusion alarms.
Kevin Lehan · July 31, 2012 · Explaining the importance of errors and omission insurance.
Kevin Lehan · May 15, 2012 · Adding A/V systems to your portfolio can help fend off new competitors.

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