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Mark Matlock · June 19, 2015 · Learn why your security systems integration firm can’t afford NOT to invest in customer relationship management (CRM).
Mark Matlock · December 10, 2014 · Regardless of how much a company may trust its employees, all alarm companies should take proper steps to protect their data and their proprietary way of doing business.
Mark Matlock · December 04, 2014 · Here are some ways security alarm companies can keep their existing accounts, which ultimately helps grow value, equity and profits.
Mark Matlock · November 13, 2014 · Most alarm dealers hire and fire employees on a routine basis. Terminated employees leave their company with some knowledge of confidential data and business practices of their former employer.
Mark Matlock · September 29, 2014 · Traditional security alarm dealers need to reinvent themselves and adapt to the changes in the market before suffering losses to equity.
Mark Matlock · December 01, 2013 · The thought of raising monitoring fees make you cringe? Here's why it shouldn't.
Mark Matlock · September 03, 2013 · Are you up to speed about the potential regulatory to-do surrounding remote thermostats?
Mark Matlock · June 03, 2013 · Simple steps for transitioning alarm accounts, pain free.
Mark Matlock · March 06, 2013 · Video monitoring services are ready for take-off in a big way.
Mark Matlock · September 03, 2012 · Do you own the phone number programmed into the alarm dialers? You should.
Mark Matlock · June 14, 2012 · In the latest "Monitoring Matters" column, Mark Matlock explains why dealers need to get onboard with upselling as their sales strategy.
Mark Matlock · March 13, 2012 · In this article, United Central Control Inc. (UCC) Senior Vice President Mark Matlock addresses concerns surrounding IP transmitters.
Mark Matlock · September 27, 2011 · As plain old telephone service (POTS) continues to fade into obsolescence, alarm dealers are increasingly choosing to send alarm signals via IP-based communications.
Mark Matlock · June 26, 2011 · Given our propensity for smartphones and interactive technology, the more savvy alarm dealers are gearing their offerings toward this trend. More than ever manufacturers and third-party vendors are really coming up to speed with mostly IP-based, interactive security systems and devices.
Mark Matlock · March 24, 2011 · Let's discuss a cautionary tale about alarm signals gone mad. Here's the idea:  Imagine three turnstiles in a subway. Every couple of minutes a passenger deposits a coin and passes through easily.