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Rodney Bosch · May 26, 2015 · Fire Protection Research Foundation Executive Director Casey Grant discusses current projects in support of the National Fire Protection Association’s life-safety mission in the latest Hot Seat.
Rodney Bosch · May 07, 2015 · Days prior to the deadly Nepal earthquake, Mariusz Malkowski of Sigma Designs remotely demonstrated Z-Wave devices for ISC West attendees while climbing Mount Everest.
Rodney Bosch · April 29, 2015 · The company hired two veteran specialists to staff the new division.
Rodney Bosch · April 28, 2015 · It sure can, according to Canada-based Novattach, a supplier of tool-free mounting brackets. Check out the demo video shot on the show floor at ISC West 2015.
Rodney Bosch · April 27, 2015 · One factor advancing the integration of building systems is the impressive range of monitoring and control capabilities today’s building automation systems can provide. What’s more, rich data sets can be stored and analyzed to achieve newfound operational efficiencies.
Rodney Bosch · April 23, 2015 · The PSA Security Network will host PSA-TEC 2015 on May 4-8. For the first time, the conference will feature a Cybersecurity Track designed to provide practical solutions and applications for physical security integrators.
Rodney Bosch · April 21, 2015 · Increasingly vendors are striving to provide one-stop shop to become a single provider of video surveillance, access control and related cloud-based services. Read on for insights to the trend.
Rodney Bosch · April 11, 2015 · Security Sales & Integration offers a list of physical security information management (PSIM) providers, such as IPVideo Corp., NICE Systems and Verint, to be featured at ISC West 2015.
Rodney Bosch · April 01, 2015 · Toronto-based Imperial Capital Group and a partner firm purchased a majority stake in Ackerman Security for an undisclosed amount.
Rodney Bosch · March 17, 2015 · The IT manager for Midwest Foods in Illinois called on security provider, Imperial Surveillance, to upgrade the facility’s dated analog system. Contending with an installation challenge not for the faint of heart, the new hybrid solution featuring Hikvision equipment is helping the distributor maintain…
Rodney Bosch · February 27, 2015 · The state’s alarm association tells its members a state senator has proposed two bills that could once again usher in monopolistic fire alarm monitoring by fire districts.
Rodney Bosch · February 19, 2015 · Mike Fleenor found the buyer in ASG Security he sought to continue growing Fleenor Security Systems and provide top-notch customer care.
Rodney Bosch · February 18, 2015 · Full-service security provider Fleenor Security brings super-regional ASG $210K in recurring revenue and 5,200 commercial and residential customers.
Rodney Bosch · February 13, 2015 · Bosch Security Systems President of Sales Brian Wiser discusses technology trends, opportunities for installing security contractors, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity and more in the latest Hot Seat Q&A.
Rodney Bosch · February 09, 2015 · Jeff Kessler, a managing director at Imperial Capital, foresees troubled waters for those security providers that fail to transform their business models to include a home automation offering.