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Shane Clary · May 31, 2016 · If the local authority having jurisdiction has adopted the 2016 edition of NFPA 72, I&T would be performed as per the requirements found in Chapter 14, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance.
Shane Clary · March 22, 2016 · Shane Clary looks into the future to see how evolving security technology will impact the alarm systems of tomorrow.
Shane Clary · February 18, 2016 · The alarm industry should keep track of these hearing dates on fire-life protection, as well as new editions of NFPA codes.
Shane Clary · January 18, 2016 · If you install fire alarm systems, get better acquainted with NFPA 72 with the help of SSI columnist Shane Clary.
Shane Clary · August 04, 2015 · Security Sales & Integration's Fire Side Chat columnist Dr. Shane Clary discusses which motions passed and which didn't from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) annual meeting.
Shane Clary · July 20, 2015 · Security Sales & Integration's Fire Side Chat columnist Shane Clary provides a brief description on various articles within Chapter 7, Special Conditions in NFPA 70, The National Electrical Code (NEC).
Shane Clary · June 23, 2015 · Security Sales & Integration magazine 'Fire Side Chat' columnist Shane Clary discusses how two proposed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) changes may impact authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).
Shane Clary · May 08, 2015 · Security systems integrators need to be aware of appropriate mass notification system (MNS) message practices to help end user clients.
Shane Clary · March 30, 2015 · The Clean Water Act includes requirements to reduce pollutants that may enter the nation’s water system. With this in mind, security systems integrators need to understand the importance of testing waterflow switches for fire systems.
Shane Clary · January 21, 2015 · Security systems integrators need to know the difference between central station service and simply having signals received at a listed supervising station.
Shane Clary · December 24, 2014 · Installing security contractors who want to stay on top of their game, and on top of the latest legislation, codes and other pertinent issues, should consider joining one of these trade organizations.
Shane Clary · November 24, 2014 · A visit to the biennial Essen Security expo in Germany offered updates on how technology such as wireless detection and aspiration smoke detection are impacting Europe, and what might be heading toward U.S. product development.
Shane Clary · November 13, 2014 · Don’t overlook requirements regarding runner/technician service to the protected premises and stipulations about who can conduct inspection and testing of systems.
Shane Clary · September 22, 2014 · Document presents guidelines for the complete end-to-end testing of integrated fire and life-safety systems, providing minimum requirements for such increasingly complex security solutions.
Shane Clary · August 27, 2014 · Proper design of an emergency communications system requiring voice intelligibility depends on factors such as room acoustics, speaker layout and even the manner in which the person is announcing a live instruction.


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