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Calif. Police Seek to Install Cameras, License Plate Readers

The Fremont Police Department want to install surveillance cameras and license plate readers near the freeway to track criminals coming in and out of town.

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FREMONT, Calif. — The Fremont Police Department have asked the city council here to approve a $300,000 project to install high definition cameras and license plate readers near the freeway.

The FPD has seen much success with using surveillance cameras to cut down on crime in recent months. For example, with the assistance of private surveillance equipment, burglaries in the area have decreased by 30 percent.

With the new plan, authorities want to install roughly 12 cameras the surveillance equipment to track criminals coming from out of town or exiting the city, CBS San Francisco reports.

Department representatives said they would only use the cameras for investigative purposes.

For those who are concerned about violations of civil liberties, department officials said that there is no expectation of privacy when someone is driving a car on a public street.

If the city council approves the project, the department hopes to get the cameras up by the end of the year.

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