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Canadian Transit System to Install Cameras on Buses

The B.C. Transit is looking to install a digital CCTV system for its buses to deter violence and vandalism on buses.

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VANCOUVER — The B.C. (British Columbia) Transit will install cameras in all its buses in an effort to improve safety and reduce vandalism.

The transit system decided to launch the program throughout the province because of an increase of violence on buses, disputes over fares and vandalism, Times Colonist reports.

As part of the plan, B.C. Transit wants to add five internal digital cameras for most buses — three for small vehicles and nine for double-decker buses — and one exterior-mounted camera. Additionally, there would also be a global-positioning system.

B.C. Transit plans to issue a request for transit in late summer to install and operate a digital CCTV system for the buses.

Surveillance footage will only be accessible to authorized security reviewers.

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