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Caught on Video: Thieves Use a Forklift to Steal an ATM

Culprits allegedly used a stolen pickup truck to haul away the 2,500-pound machine.

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — Police here have released video surveillance footage from last week’s theft of a 2,500-pound ATM from the Delta Community Credit Union.

Police told WSB-TV the perpetrators stole a forklift and then stole an ATM, which they loaded onto the bed of a stolen pickup truck in the early hours of Aug. 21 in the drive-through of the credit union.

The bank’s video surveillance cameras caught most of the action, but the only shot of one of the thieves doesn’t leave police with much to go on.

“You almost admire the ingenuity that somebody comes up with to get this idea,” Detective Mike Whitlow told WSB-TV. “I mean, who thought of this?”

Police said this was the fifth ATM heist across three bordering counties. Four of them have happened in the last six months. Detectives said it’s likely the same people because the crimes were committed the same way.

Police say the thieves have almost certainly been spending a lot of money, although they aren’t saying how much the crooks have been able to remove from the machines.

“Some of these schemes, if they would apply that to legal means, they would probably make a million dollars and they wouldn’t have to steal it from somebody. Not that this is that brilliant, but it’s certainly brazen,” said Whitlow.


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