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Champaign County (Ohio) Residents Asked to Join Video Surveillance Program

Those who sign up can be asked by law enforcement to review their systems’ video footage.

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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ohio — The Sheriff’s Department here is introducing a community video surveillance program to sign up residents who have surveillance cameras in and outside their homes.

The goal of the program — titled SCENE or “Sheriffs and citizens expanding neighborhood eyes” — is geared toward fighting crime by having more “eyes” in the community.

Captain David Rapp of the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office told WDTN those who sign up will be added to a confidential database. From there, if a crime occurs in close proximity to someone in the database, law enforcement may ask for the homeowner’s help in looking at video surveillance footage. The program is the first of its kind in Ohio, WDTN reports.

“Why not reach out to the public and have them join our crime fighting team?” Rapp said.

Captain Rapp says this is phase two of a video surveillance program to deter crime, WDTN reports. Farm-Watch was implemented last year, and he says it’s working.

“Hopefully somebody will capture a suspect or suspect vehicle on their system,” he said.

Captain Rapp says surveillance systems are affordable, and are an easy way to deter crime from your home.

“In the past I always just thought of wildlife cameras putting them out there for animals and so forth, but they’re using them to protect their property, and to keep their house safe,” he added.

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