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CryWolf Chosen to Help N.C. City Manage False Alarms

Wilson County, N.C. officials have contracted with Public Safety Corporation to implement CryWolf false alarm management software.

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WILSON COUNTY, N.C. — The Wilson Police Department has signed a contract with Public Safety Corporation (PSC) to implement a new alarm management program to cut down of false alarms.

City officials reported that the police department responded to 5,500 alarm calls in 2013. Of those calls, 95% were false alarms, reports.

Officials here then implemented a new ordinance that required all residents and business owners to register their fire and security alarms with the city.

The ordinance will fine residents with three or more false alarms within 12 months a civil penalty fee of $100. If individuals have 10 or more false alarms within 12 months, lead first responders would discontinue responding to alarm signals at that location.

The department will now implement PSC’s CryWolf false alarm management software and services to enforce the city’s alarm ordinance. The CryWolf program provides comprehensive functionality to track alarm activations, process invoices, and collect payments related to false alarms.

PSC claims that its clients report 40% to 80% or more reductions in false alarms after implementing the CryWolf program.

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