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Data to Help You Master the Flame Game

Thanks to advances in electronics and microcomputers, fire/life-safety devices and systems have become one of the world’s best lifesaving success stories. And that story continues to unfold as manufacturers, standards-making bodies, system designers and installing contractors push for superior solutions. SSI’s eighth annual Fire Market Report provides the latest research to further the pursuit.

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Lines of work where participants receive the gratification of knowing they are clearly making a meaningful difference in the world are far and few between. For those who have chosen a career in fire/life safety — be it response, notification, suppression or detection — it comes with the territory. A massive body of data supports the progress that has been made in reducing the incidence and destructive extent of fires, and researchers and engineers continue to make headway. For installing contractors and monitoring providers possessing the right technical skillsets and comfortable in a regulatory environment, this market offers a compelling blend of need, purpose, results and profits.  

SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION’s eighth annual Fire Market Report helps interested parties get a handle on the sector’s present state of fire-related occurrences and consequences, business opportunities and technologies, and challenges and solution deployments. This year’s statistics and analysis includes several never-before-published graphs and nearly all of the material appears in SSI for the first time. It is presented in three sections detailing overall market activity, installing/monitoring provider trends, and end-user assessments.

In a nutshell, fire injuries and deaths are both on the decline, many fire/life-safety systems providers are experiencing business growth and fielding more projects, and facilities are upgrading older equipment and increasingly interested in newer offerings such as personal emergency response systems (PERS) and mass notification systems (MNS). In addition to reviewing the telling data contained herein, be sure to study the rest of SSI’s special Fire Issue for specific guidance and success tips.

View the eighth annual Fire Market Report.

Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine has spent nearly 15 years with SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION.


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