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Survey: More Security Companies Using Digital Marketing to Add Clients

While word of mouth is just as powerful attracting new business as it always has been, these days those referrals are increasingly spreading through online and other connected channels of electronic-based media. The evolving methods in which installing and monitoring security services providers sell their wares and promote themselves is thoroughly examined in SSI’s 2013 Sales & Marketing Survey.

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As one might expect, much has changed in the way security companies sell their products and services as well as how they market and promote their businesses in the past five years. After all, those still standing survived the worst recession in 80 years, one that required reassessing every facet of operations to become more cost effective and efficient, while at the same time technology and customer habits have shifted the way in which information is processed (not to mention the nature of provided services themselves). Sure enough, this sea change plays out in the 2013 Sales & Marketing Survey, SSI’s first such study since 2008 and seventh since 1992.    

To wit, the social media and smartphone phenomena were scarcely a blip on anyone’s flat screen (heck, some were still staring at CRTs at that point) but have since become key to sales and marketing success. Similarly, the use of online, E-mail and tablet-based presentations have also become more significant. Coinciding with these trends has been a precipitous drop in Yellow Pages and newspaper advertising, and a reduction in free equipment and monitoring incentivizing. At the same time, though, certain traditional tactics such as referrals, product demos and yard signs/decals remain extremely effective.

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Although a higher percentage of firms have sought to curtail costs by bringing campaign development in-house and marketing expenditures continue to be tight, at least most budgets have ceased heading south. In addition, bundled services are on the rise and suppliers and trade associations are both being leveraged for more lead generation.

The compilation of nearly 200 company owner, executive and sales manager respondents that follows amounts to a treasure trove for any security marketer seeking to get a leg up on the competition.

View the 2013 Sales & Marketing Survey.

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