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Getting Serious About Security as a Service

Offering security as a service (SaaS) — such as managed access control — is an appealing and viable way for installing/monitoring providers to grow RMR. Yet many have yet to get onboard while others wrestle with how to effectively market, sell and manage it.

A Dependable, Fail-Safe SystemThe return on investment for security integrators that are serious about implementing security as a service (SaaS) range from increasing their value to the client, earning greater trust from the client, and, of course, adding recurring monthly revenue (RMR) potential to their bottom line.

Obviously, managed access control isn’t for everyone. In particular, some companies prefer to have their system onsite and to control it from inside the company. For those reasons, onsite access control system implementations will continue for years to come.

On the other hand, there is a growing group of customers that are eager to minimize the internal resources they devote to controlling access and welcome the opportunity to outsource that function to a dependable, fail-safe system operated by a trusted, long-term business partner. Resellers who embrace new services early can position themselves to stand out from the competition. Customers will appreciate having additional choices about how they manage their access control systems. Just offering another option can raise the integrator’s perceived value in the eyes of customer, and build future avenues of opportunity.

Jeremy Krinitt is Senior Director of Product Management for Matrix Systems (

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