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Hillsborough, Fla., Investigates Nearly $46,000 in Unpaid False Alarm Fines

HILLSBOROUGH, Fla.—Each year, there are an estimated 50,000 false alarms in the Tampa region. Hillsborough, Fla., has outstanding false alarm fines for 26 of its businesses and one residence that add up to a combined total of $45,975.
Due to a lack of an enforcement provision in the statute, there is nothing that Hillsborough can do. There is currently an investigation under way to find out why the money has not been collected. In addition, an attorney for the county is considering hiring a collection company to retrieve the delinquent fees. Police officials estimate the total amount of back payments could mean two additional patrol cars for the county or a corporal’s annual salary. There is a four-year statute of limitations on collecting this type of debt, so the county may not be able to collect on all its outstanding fines.

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