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Honeywell Sends $1 Million to Aid Tsunami Victims


Honeywell, the parent company of Honeywell Security, will be providing $1 million to help relief efforts for areas devastated by the recent tsunamis in Asia. Honeywell says through its Honeywell Hometown Solutions initiative, it will target programs to rebuild destroyed communities and provide necessities for those most affected by the disaster.

The death toll from the Dec. 26 earthquake-spawned tsunamis has risen above 150,000 and the United Nations says 5 million people have been left homeless and at least 1.8 million people need food aid.

“A tragedy of this scale requires corporate leadership on a global basis,” said Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote in a statement. “Honeywell will work with local organizations to leverage our expertise in housing and shelter to help rebuild communities in South Asia.”

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