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N.C. Community Attempts to Build Citywide Surveillance Network

The Pineville Police Department has installed six cameras in a town park and has requested local businesses to buy cameras that police can monitor.

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PINEVILLE, N.C. — The Pineville Police Department is asking local businesses to purchase surveillance cameras that can be monitored by law enforcement in an effort to protect residents from criminal acts.

The request comes after the department hired WildFire Camera Networks to install six cameras near the Belle Johnston Community Center, with PPD monitoring the wireless cameras, Charlotte Observer reports.

Now, the department wants local businesses to purchase and install surveillance cameras and join the city’s wireless network. The department will not monitor video in real time; however, it will immediate access to playback for recorded video in the case of an incident.

The Pineville system is similar to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s network of more than 650 cameras, which allow officers to monitor malls, gas stations and banks across the county.

Officials for both departments maintain that the camera systems will not be used to peer into private property.

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