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NorthStar Alarm Staffers Give Back to Community

Employees of the Orem, Utah-based company donate more than 2,000 food items to local food banks.

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OREM, Utah —NorthStar Alarm Services, a home security and automation company based here, hosted its annual summer food drive and collected more than 2,000 canned food items to benefit the Utah Food Bank and Provo Community Action Center.

The company created a California Dreamin’-themed inter-office competition for food donations that included physical competitions to earn more cans for their team. Held the first week in August, the company collected 948 physical donations for the Provo Community Action Center and 1,066 online donations for the Utah Food Bank, an average of 34 donated cans per employee.

“Our annual food drive is always one of my favorite events of the year,” says Jason Christensen, president of NorthStar Alarm. “We have a wide range of employees in our office, from college-aged to more established individuals with families, and it’s inspiring to watch as everyone does as much as they can to make a difference for those in our community.”

NorthStar’s contributions will help replenish the current food shortage in Utah food pantries and will support the Utah Food Bank in reaching its goal of 150,000 pounds of food donations this year.

The Utah Food Bank encourages businesses and organizations to organize and create fun company-wide food and fund drives to help fill the sparse summer shelves at local food pantries. For every $1 donated, the Utah Food Bank can provide up to $8 worth of goods and services to those in need.

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