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Pelco to Shutter N.Y. Facility, Travel Agency

CLOVIS, Calif. — In a move aimed at streamlining operations and cutting costs, Pelco will close its Orangeburg, N.Y., facility in two to three months. Its in-house travel agency Pelco Travel will also be phased out.

About 50-60 employees could be affected by the moves, Joe Olmstead, director of marketing communications, tells Security Sales & Integration. Some of the employees are expected to find other positions within the company, he says.  Four Pelco vice presidents have either resigned or retired as part of the reorganization, Olmstead says.

The New York facility accommodates a combination of warehousing, distribution, engineering and product support. Many of the operations at the facility will be relocated within the New York area, as well as to more centralized locations in the United States.  “The New York area is important to us, and that’s why we’re leaving a great deal of our sales and customer service programs there,” Pelco President and CEO Dean Meyer says. “But we also recognized a real need to take our distribution logistics to a more centralized location.”

Current finished-goods warehousing and distribution will move to Louisville, Ky. Pelco will contract with a shipping company to provide distribution services from Louisville.  Pelco Travel became redundant after the company was acquired by Schneider Electric, which has an existing corporate travel system in place.

SSI Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine goes in-depth with Meyer and other corporate brass to discuss Pelco taking the reins of the Integral Technologies product line, plus other exclusive details that have emerged in the wake of last year’s acquisition by Schneider Electric (see “Pelco Powers Up).

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