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Radius Security Defends Vancouver Surveillance Cameras

The security firm maintains that the cameras installed at a construction site are not secretly recording local residents.

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VANCOUVER — Radius Security, which operates cameras in Vancouver’s West End, is assuring residents that its cameras, which monitor a construction site, do not violate privacy laws.

The security firm set up the tower of cameras at a construction site. The devices are programmed to issue an alert when it detects someone in its view, reports.

The devices have caused a stir with residents because they are round and don’t show which direction they are pointing in.

However, Rob Baxter of Radius Security maintains that the cameras only point downward and not into neighboring apartment buildings.

Additionally, Baxter insists that the cameras benefit the entire community by helping to prevent vandalism and providing evidence for police in the event of a theft on the site.

Since their installation, the surveillance cameras have resulted in 12 arrests, reports.

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