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Redwire a Gem Among 5-Diamond Centrals

As a recently launched monitoring provider, Redwire is making a name for itself in a hurry after not only achieving CSAA Five Diamond certification but also capturing the inaugural Marketing Marvel Award. Find out how this business’ management is positioning the central station to ride the fast track to success.

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Redwire serves the Southeast through its Tallahassee, Fla., headquarters and branches in Panama City, Pensacola, Tampa, Sarasota, Florida East Coast, Orlando, and Mobile, Ala.Five Diamonds, Limitless Potential

Becoming Five Diamond certified is an excellent way to verify and validate that a central station is adhering to accepted and established principles of being a responsible, professional and successful monitoring business. That alone is a compelling argument to pursue accreditation, but then there are also the perks of enriching employees, elevating morale and acquiring more respect among peers.

Yet, potentially the greatest benefit of all to be had comes by giving the accomplishment as much exposure as possible to parlay it into much higher visibility, legitimacy and trust among the buying public. This is one of the areas in which Redwire has excelled and why a Marketing Marvel Award now adorns its trophy case.

The company celebrated achieving certification by announcing it to the Chamber of Commerce, newspapers, and employees, clients and prospects via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a blogged press release. All marketing collateral, including sales flyers, sales presentations, Web site, business cards and E-mail tags, have been emblazoned with the CSAA Five Diamond logo. A dedicated Five Diamond sales collateral piece has been developed, and the certification is also used in recruiting and insurance carrier purposes. The certificate is framed and posted in three spots within Redwire’s offices and also featured in its tradeshow display.

“Our commitment to using the Five Diamond certification in all areas of our marketing plan provides a comprehensive message that ties the designation into our brand to develop loyalty and support our company mission,” says O’Kelley. “We believe the certification is a company-wide accomplishment that permeates to all contacts with clients and employees.”

Rewire’s social media promotions ensure marketing of the Five Diamond certification remains constant and ongoing. In addition, the logo is included in all major and quick-hit E-mail campaigns with inclusion of an explanation of what it means to be a Five Diamond central station. As part of its commitment to giving back to the communities in which it operates, Redwire also incorporates the Five Diamond logo into those endeavors.

“When customers and prospects ask about the Five Diamond logo and what it means, we are provided an invaluable opportunity to explain the certification and reiterate  the significant commitment we are dedicated to making to our clients,” says Githens. “Loyalty is a game-changer when it comes to customer retention. What better way to create a loyal customer than one who knows we are committed to UL, to the highest level of customer service, to job-related training and testing, to raising industry standards, and to reducing false alarms?”

Marketing Keys: Tactics & Tracking

Elevating to the ranks of CSAA Five Diamond and going above and beyond to gain Marketing Marvel recognition does not occur unless said company is already smart, savvy, driven, well managed, motivated, and shrewd and creative where sales and marketing is concerned. Red-wire favors a customer-centric approach to generate new campaigns. These initiatives are based on customer needs and presented to them in way they find appealing, enticing and valuable.Redwire management believes its CSAA Five Diamond certification is a means to set the business apart from its competitors, especially since Redwire is the only central in eight of its nine markets to have earned the credential. Pictured left is Central Station Manager Sean Githens; right is Marketing Manager Nan O’Kelley.

“We look at two things, what is important to our customers and what differentiates us from the competition? If it meets those criteria and is compliant with our company’s shared values, we move forward ensuring that the message is deployed in a consistent and integrated manner,” says O’Kelley.

ViVID, Redwire’s video verification product, serves as an example of this process. After market analysis indicated customers were interested in an affordable, verified and integrated solution, the firm developed packages to address that need and demonstrate how Redwire is better and different. The plan included a quick presentation done on an iPad; two brochures, one introducing the product and another inviting the client to compare Redwire to the competition; a variety of traditional and online advertising; assorted promotions; community involvement and tradeshows; and E-mail and social media outreach.

“When we launch an initiative, the focus is on targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in Redwire’s products and/or services,” says O’Kelley. “Because of the long sales cycle typical with our industry, the marriage of marketing programs with a structured sales process is necessary.”

Another facet of Redwire’s approach is multipronged, integrated marketing campaigns designed to build brand awareness and cultivate a connection within its service regions. For instance, in the Sarasota area the firm launched what it calls a “Get Local” campaign that involves advertising and promotions coupled with community involvement.

“This comprehensive approach means our brand and our brand promise is promoted on local television, online and in the local paper while at the same time putting a face to the company through community involvement,” says O’Kelley. “The idea is not only do you see us in the media, you also get to meet the folks who live and work in that community.”

It’s no coincidence that many of today’s best-run companies track and gauge the effectiveness, return on investment (ROI) and success of marketing efforts through the use of customer retention management (CRM) software. In Red-wire’s case, if a call comes in, an E-mail blast is opened, a lead is received via the Web or from materials left behind, it is all entered into the CRM as part of a standardized sales procedure. This makes it easy and straightforward to evaluate what is and is not working.

“With the CRM tool we can run reports that align a material or initiative with sales and measure the success of that campaign,” says O’Kelley. “In addition, we use promotional codes, click tags, and Web and E-mail analytics to track sales and awareness. The final ROI is measured as a function of total marketing cost as a percentage of new client sales and existing customer retention.”

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