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Ron Rothman

SSI Hall of Fame: 2012

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Current Status

President, Honeywell Security Group

Keys to Success

“My success ultimately can be attributed to the products and the value we have been able to bring to our customers. Their success is really my success. I’ve also have had some incredible mentors along the way, including Leo Guthart and Roger Fradin. They have been an inspiration to me and, of course, laid the foundation for everything that exists today in our business.”

Most Memorable Moment

“In my career, a big challenge was being responsible for transitioning ADEMCO to Honeywell after the acquisition in 1999; those were very stressful times. Many other companies acquired during those years are no longer here; their employees and products are gone, and those systems are no longer serviceable. I was determined not to let that happen to ADEMCO or our customers. I am very proud we kept our people and our business legacy intact with its rich history of innovation that extends back to 1929. In fact, we are now significantly larger and invest more in R&D than ever before, and introduce new and innovative products at a faster pace.”  

Being Active in Trade Associations

“The industry cause I’ve been most passionate about is SIAC because the work they do battling false dispatches and nonresponse is so important to the industry. We support SIAC financially in a big way but also in an active advisory role. We also do everything we can to help [Executive Director and SSI Hall of Famer] Stan Martin spread the word to dealers about SIAC and the important role it plays in sustaining the highly successful business model that our industry has benefited from for decades. SIAC deserves the support of every dealer in the industry.”

How Things Have Changed

“A change happening all around us now may very well be the most significant: the deployment of broadband and adoption of the smartphone. The digital dialer age is coming to an end and while for our industry it is a transformational change, the great new features related to the connected home are a great opportunity for dealers to increase RMR [recurring monthly revenue] and interest consumers who may never have considered a security system before. At Honeywell, these developments related to the connected home and the connected building are driving everything we do. We are going beyond just security and life safety to awareness, comfort and convenience.”

What the Future Holds

“This is the best time ever to be in the security business. You’ve got roughly 20% of households with a security system, but now there is the ever-increasing prevalence of broadband and smartphones enabling a whole new array of services. I believe for the first time in a long time there is the real potential to significantly increase the overall penetration rate. On the systems side, while IP has been growing fast it has been mostly in larger systems. It’s been hindered from gaining widespread adoption because of its complexity, but now you are finally seeing that complexity fading away. We are at a point where you will see the growth in IP systems really accelerate.”

Why He’s on the List

  • Nearly 30 years as a key figure and face of ADEMCO and Honeywell to legions of installing electronic security professionals
  • Ascended from inside sales, to V.P. of marketing, to V.P. of national accounts, to president of Honeywell Security and Communications, to president of Honeywell Security Group in January 2010
  • Present responsibilities include Honeywell’s intrusion, access and video products manufactured worldwide; First Alert Professional and CSS authorized dealer programs; and ADI distribution business
  • Enabled security dealers to succeed by developing systems that were easier to sell and install, create additional recurring revenue and lower attrition
  • Involved in development of VISTA and LYNX systems, AlarmNet long-range radio and Total Connect remote services
  • Trade association activity, including Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) Board, Electronic Security Association (ESA), Security Industry Association (SIA) and Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC)

The Rothman File

  • Born in Manhattan in 1961
  • One of three siblings, father was a New York City police officer, retired to run a “mom-and-pop” motel in Pompano Beach, Fla.
  • Married 30 years to Sally, with two sons
  • Earned bachelor’s degree in marketing from University of Florida, MBA from Nova Southeastern University
  • In 1983, as a new college grad knocking on doors selling copiers, he blindly answered a newspaper ad for an inside salesperson job at ADEMCO
  • Helped father run a Florida motel and “learned how to fix toilets”
  • Other interests include carpentry and handy work, photography and local history


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