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Firefighters Fed Up With False Alarms

The Wade Hampton Fire Department wants to implement a new ordinance that will fine home and business owners for false fire alarms.

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GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. — The Wade Hampton Fire Department is asking officials here to adopt a new ordinance that will fine residents for false fire alarms.

Firefighters in Greenville County say the respond to multiple false alarms a night, sometimes responding to the same home or business various times in just a few hours, reports.

The false alarms are draining the department of its time and resources, as each call takes three engine crews, a ladder crew, a rescue crew and a command crew.

If county officials approve a new ordinance, it would allow a person to have three false alarms in a three-month span. After that, fines range from $50-$500, depending on how many times the alarm goes off.

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