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ScanSource Security President Outlines Hot Technologies, Markets, Business Tools

Tony Sorrentino, president of ScanSource Security, discusses what's hot right now in the marketplace, and myriad services his company offers to help dealers and integrators take advantage of existing opportunities.

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The June issue of SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION includes my rountable of several of the industry’s leading wholesale products distributors (“The Wholesale Truth”). One of those featured was Tony Sorrentino, president of ScanSource Security. The conversation with him is continued below as he discusses what’s hot right now in the marketplace, and myriad services his company offers to help dealers and integrators take advantage of existing opportunities.

What are your three hottest products or product categories right now, and what do you believe is fueling their demand?

Tony Sorrentino: Network cameras with onboard memory to support storage at the edge. Thanks to distributed storage, orstorage at the edge, cameras are doing more, which helps with bandwidth and the amount of information a camera has to transmit. VMS software that supports distributed storage is another one. Instead of having to pull out the SD card, the software can communicate with the camera through a wired or wireless connection. Then there’s IP-based access control solutions. We are seeing a similar move from analog to IP, as with other security devices, that allows for more flexibility and scalability. Finally, WiFi. The demand for WiFi continues to increase and is being driven by BYOD. The proliferation of devices in the workplace is putting more strain on the network and increasing demand on WiFi networks.

What is a product area or market you believe security dealers/integrators should focus more on because of it is either perhaps underserved or has a huge upside?

Sorrentino: Health care continues to be a strong vertical market. The demand for health care is only going to increase – there is tremendous benefit from technology, as cameras and software become smarter, and there is more opportunity to upgrade existing systems into newer more technologically advanced solutions. The enterprise and education markets are also seeing increased opportunity, as employees, students and assets need greater protection.

What are or one or two tips that could help these companies more effectively manage their inventory that they could implement ASAP?

Sorrentino: The more a dealer can communicate with their distribution partner, the better the distributor can understand their needs and have the inventory they need when they need it. Our dealers trust us because we won’t compete with them. We can drop ship to their end user on their behalf so they don’t even have to touch the products. In certain cases, we can even hold inventory for them to help ensure a rollout goes smoothly by having product ready to ship as the project deploys.

Detail some of the value-adds your company offers the channel.

Sorrentino: With our Custom Configuration Center ScanSource Security can help its dealer partners build total solutions, while also saving them time and money. The team can assemble the entire solution for the dealer and drop ship it directly to the end user on behalf of the dealer. Other services of the CCC include: Setting IP addresses in network cameras (based on customer specifications); labeling cameras with IP address and camera boxes with IP and MAC addresses; custom reporting that includes IP, MAC addresses and serial numbers for each camera; cameras set up in enclosures with lenses and other accessories; server hardware and software integration and configuration; third-party software installation and configuration; the ability for customers to supply the System Integration team with customer-owned product and integrate it with ScanSource-purchased product; custom image management for customer-supplied and/or ScanSource-generated images; custom network solutions for customers that need to remotely access and configure product prior to being shipped; pre-bundled and pre-built custom hardware/software solutions that are inventoried and do not require the two- to three-day system integration lead time; and full hardware functionality and diagnostic testing.

SNAP is the industry’s first comprehensive Web-based product selection tool for dealers. SNAP was designed and developed by ScanSource Security’s technical team in order to help dealers more easily choose the best product to fit their end-user customers’ needs. With SNAP, dealers are able to quickly narrow their search for products by searching by manufacturer, part number or even product specifications. The search then provides the dealer with a comprehensive datasheet on the product, as well as suggested pricing, allowing the dealer to quickly and efficiently recommend the best, most cost-effective product to their customer.

ScanSource Security’s highly trained technical Support team is available for pre- and post-sale support, as well as installation and product advice. The ScanSource Services Group marketing team can assist dealers with strategic marketing planning, brand development, online marketing and lead generation, ensuring dealers are taking all of the necessary steps to appropriately and effectively deliver their message and market their business.

What are your top three go-to reasons why a security dealer/integrator should do business with your company as opposed to a competing wholesale distributor?

Sorrentino: First, We never compete with our dealer partners. Second, our level of expertise at the sales and technical level is unsurpassed. Lastly, We provide world-class logistics and inventory to our partners.  

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