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Securitas Relocates U.S. Corporate Headquarters


Securitas Systems USA has moved its U.S. corporate headquarters to Duluth, Ga. The new facility will provide Securitas with more space to accommodate its training and development, help desk, and technology evaluation needs.

The building will house the company’s senior management team, purchasing, finance and accounting, in-house IT support group, IT customer support group, product test labs, employee and customer training center, warehouse, human resources and recruiting.

“We have invested in this center to promote and enhance the level of training and development of both our employees and our customers,” says Securitas Systems USA COO Marty Guay. “With high tech training facilities and meeting areas, we can and will be bringing more employees and customers together for continued learning and continued development. This will promote a deeper understanding and competence on all levels, levels that will better serve our customers, the industry and the expanding vertical market demands.”

The company’s Atlanta branch operation will share a common address with the new headquarters, sitting just adjacent to the corporate offices.

“This corporate move is a solid step forward for our U.S. business. It simply gives us a stronger foundation with which we can continue building the company,” says Guay.

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