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Stanley Security Introduces Behavioral Health-Care Products

Introducing the Commercial Product Release of Stanley Patient Safety Lever, Stanley Emergency Door Alarm and the Stanley Seclusion Room Lock

Stanley Security Solutions has introduced a trio of behavioral health-care product lines as part of the new BEST Behavioral Healthcare Product Portfolio, including the Stanley Patient Safety Lever (SPSL), the Stanley Emergency Door Alarm (SEDA), and the Stanley Seclusion Room Lock (SSRL).

The SPSL is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and features anti-ligature mortise and cylindrical lever locksets. The SEDA is a door-sensor monitoring system that can also be used in conjunction with the SPSL locksets.  The SSRL is a single- or multi-point deadlocking device for seclusion or time-out rooms.

Stanley Security Solutions worked closely in collaboration with behavioral health-care professionals to create the product offerings that provide a breadth of solutions uniquely designed to protect at-risk patients in facilities such as Veterans Affairs medical centers, state psychiatric hospitals, private psychiatric facilities,  juvenile detention homes, addiction treatment centers and school time-out rooms.

“While no product can ever replicate the effectiveness of constant patient monitoring, these products bring significant value to behavioral healthcare facility management,” according to Jaime Torres, Stanley’s director of product marketing.

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