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Super-Telephoto Lens Features Aspherical Vari-Focal Operation

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The 1/3 20-100mm F/1.6 aspherical vari-focal lens by Tamron of Commack, N.Y., covers everything from moderate to super-long telephoto. This lens covers the telephoto range normally covered by zooms. Introduced at ISC East, the lens comes with a fast F/1.6 aperture to ensure bright imaging even in dimly lit areas. According to Tamron, it’ aspherical optics provide excellent image quality in a compact, lightweight package that is an efficient alternative from a cost and size standpoint.

Tamron says that because this is a super telephoto lens, it will reach out further than most models, eliminating the need to install a camera closer to a remote gate where security personnel would like to monitor license plates, for example. It is also well suited for situations where a camera view is needed in a sensitive outdoor area. Instead of installing a covert camera in the vicinity of the target, it can be mounted farther away on the side of a building.

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