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Vallejo PD to Launch City-Wide Surveillance Program

The Vallejo Police Department will launch Operation V-Cam, a city-wide surveillance program, to help curb crime.

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VALLEJO, Calif. — The Vallejo Police Department will launch a city-wide video network in an effort to curtail crime.

The program, called Operation V-Cam, is designed to capitalize on technology to improve public safety in the community. Operation V-Cam allows residents and business to register their privately-owned and maintained cameras systems with VPD, which will allow police to inform owners if there is a crime in their area, Times-Herald reports.

The department got the idea to launch the program after more residents — as well as those nationwide — began increasing use of private and commercial surveillance camera systems. Authorities hope that business owners and residence with surveillance cameras throughout the system will sign on to the program.

VPD officials received positive feedback when they presented the idea at Neighborhood Watch meetings.

Police will not have direct access to the cameras nor will they be able to access the footage remotely or without the owner’s consent.

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