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Verizon, Bright House Make Moves to Enter Home Control, Monitoring Business

Verizon will soon start selling a home monitoring control service that allows consumers to remotely check their security cameras via Web-enabled devices. Bright House plans to offer home monitoring and security services.

Two rival telecom companies, Verizon and Bright House, are seeking to break into the home control and monitoring business.

Verizon will soon start selling a home monitoring control service that allows consumers to remotely control thermostats, lights and security cameras via Web-enabled devices, reports The Suncoast News. The service package, which will cost $9.99 a month, allows customers to choose from three different plans.

The first option lets homeowners remotely unlock doors and view video surveillance footage through a Web browser. The second option enables home energy monitoring through the use of thermostats, wireless light and appliance controllers and a circuit-box mounted sensor that monitors whole-house energy use. The final plan combines both services in a single package.

Rather than collaborating with hardware manufacturers, Verizon will provide its own devices for customers. Either clients can install the equipment themselves or Verizon will suggest contractors for certain items like electric circuit panel sensors.

Meanwhile, Bright House will offer home monitoring and security services that also directly compete with electronic security companies. It will provide remote access and control for doors, appliances and energy use. Bright House will also act as a central station, monitoring customers’ home and calling police and fire departments if needed.

Pricing for the Bright House system has not been disclosed.

Source: The Suncoast News


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