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The following is but a select sampling of the industry’s many wholesale distributors.

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NOTE: The following is but a select sampling of the industry’s many wholesale distributors. For more, go to or see SSI’s 2013 Gold Book edition.

Company: ADI

Headquarters location and phone: Melville, N.Y.; (800) 233-6261 (orders), (800) 234-7971 (system sales and support)

Number branch locations: 99

Web site:

Years in business: 25+

Number of employees: 1,200+

Product line specialties: intrusion, fire, video  surveillance, access control, power, A/V, network systems, telephony, central vacuum, tools/hardware, and wire/cable

Business advantages: “ADI offers the broadest geographic coverage in the industry with 99 fully stocked branch locations and nine warehouses across North America. With high stocking levels, ADI is prepared to handle small and large installations. In addition, we offer the widest variety of credit options including traditional credit accounts and our new ADI Credit Card that allows dealers to stretch payments over longer periods of time. Our sales staff continues to be the most tenured and educated in the industry.” — Michael Flink, President, ADI Americas

Company: AVAD

Headquarters location and phone: Sherman Oaks, Calif.; (866) 367-2823

Number branch locations: 23 (21 U.S., 2 Canada)

Web site:;

Years in business: 16

Number of employees: 266

Product line specialties: audio distribution, component audio, video displays, commercial A/V, control and lighting, digital signage, phone systems, security, networking, video conferencing, accessories, content management, paging, infrastructure

Business advantages: “AVAD offers an experienced team to work with in this market. Thanks to that familiarity, we know what it takes to make it easy for new operations to get started. We also legitimately want to grow their businesses and our whole team realizes the value in setting our customers up to succeed in furtherance of expanding the industry. We also enjoy pushing integrators to learn new things, experiment with new product categories and reach new customers.” — Jim Annes, Vice President and General Manager, AVAD

Company: JLM Wholesale

Headquarters location and phone: Oxford, Mich.; (800) 522-2940

Number branch locations: 3

Web site:

Years in business: 29

Number of employees: 35               

Product line specialties: access control solutions from ASSA ABLOY, Ingersoll Rand, Stanley Security Solutions and many more

Business advantages: “We have a large inventory of door hardware products the security dealer/integrator uses regularly. We have competitive pricing and offer technical expertise to back up those products we offer.” — Jim Lee, President, JLM Wholesale

Company: PSA Security Network

Headquarters location and phone: Westminster, Colo.; (800) 525 9422

Number branch locations: 1

Web site:

Years in business: 40

Number of employees: 35

Product line specialties: 155 manufacturers represented

Business advantages: “We launched a Premier Owner Program, or POP, that is tied in to our Premier Vendor Program, or PVP. With this program, our owners receive free freight, extended terms and extra training dollars on purchases with the PVPs. In return, they’ve committed to growing their business with the PVPs and PSA overall. This brings additional value to all parties involved.” — Ric McCullough, Vice President of Sales and Service, PSA Security Network

Company: ScanSource Security

Headquarters location and phone: Greenville, S.C.; (800) 964-8994

Number branch locations: 0

Web site:

Years in business: 20

Number of employees: 1,500

Product line specialties: access control and intrusion, network and wireless infrastructure, video surveillance, accessories

Business advantages: “Our Fast Catalog allows dealers to view inventory, get product information and order products 24/7. SNAP is a comprehensive Web-based product selection tool designed and developed by ScanSource Security’s technical team to help dealers easily choose the best product to fit their end-user customers’ needs. And the SNAP App allows dealers to login to the app on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices, where they have convenient access to the products. The free app also calculates bandwidth and storage, field and degree of view required, and maximum cable distance allowed.” — Tony Sorrentino, President, ScanSource Security


Company: Tri-Ed Distribution

Headquarters location and phone: Woodbury, N.Y.; (516) 941-2849

Number branch locations: 60+

Web site:

Years in business: 31

Number of employees: N/A

Product line specialties: CCTV, IP video, access control, fire, intrusion, sound, communications, structured cable, home automation

Business advantages: “With more than 60 locations across the U.S. and Canada, Tri-Ed offers ongoing technical training, IP video technology tours, technology roadshows, personal customer service, technical systems support, flexible credit terms, next-day shipping, ongoing training programs and Great Expectations, the industry’s richest rewards program.” — James Rothstein, Executive Vice President, Tri-Ed Distribution




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