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Why License Plate Recognition Can Set You Apart

License plate recognition technology smolders with potential as a viable addition to a systems integrator’s portfolio. Find out why common misconceptions no longer bear weight and how end users are thriving with unique applications.

The camera is a key component of the license plate recognition (LPR) solution. It is responsible for recognizing license plates in its field of view, capturing context images of the vehicle and its license plate, and processing the image to extract accurate license plate characters using a form of analytics called optical character recognition (OCR).Misconception 3: LPR is limited to very few applications. Probably the most valuable aspect about LPR technology is the fact that it can spur on some very creative and multidepartmental benefits in an organization. For example, casinos are using LPR to avoid negligence lawsuits from self-registered compulsive gamblers, and better accommodate VIPs. Retailers are using LPR to deter thefts from organized retail crime, and convert LPR reads into visitor statistics to justify operational improvements and market space to prospective brands. Freight companies are unifying LPR with video surveillance to keep track of incoming and outgoing trucks, and use LPR reads tied to video to disprove false liability claims when goods are late or missing altogether.

Essentially, the list of unique applications is merely limited to the creativity of the integrator; more reasons why LPR technology really is a solid contender for expanding one’s business.

To summarize, integrators looking to step out from the crowd by expanding their offering should take a closer look at LPR technology. With a limited pool of integrators specializing in LPR systems, the advanced capabilities of the solution, and the endless security-boosting and cost-cutting applications derived from the technology, the viability of LPR business is strong.  

Stephan Kaiser is General Manager of the license plate recognition segment for Montreal-based Genetec.

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