2013 Gold Book

The latest industry research supports the assertion that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Installing security companies that have hunkered down like those in Hurricane Sandy’s path to ride out recent years’ economic storm and whirlwind of shifting technologies and customer preferences are beginning to see a calmer business climate on the horizon. The forecast from a year ago – ironically in part stimulated by ‘the cloud’ – has panned out better than anticipated to create an atmosphere of renewed optimism. With the air clearing, company owners and managers can finally breathe a sigh of relief and focus on thriving as opposed to surviving.

Of course, security companies are not entirely out of the woods as the recovery will be incremental rather than explosive. Thus, letting your guard down now and forgetting the invaluable lessons of optimizing limited resources, maximizing effciencies and strictly adhering to proven principles of business success learned during the downturn would be more foolhardy than surffng a tsunami.

The Gold Book offers a wealth of information to help ensure your prosperity throughout 2013 – SSI’s 35th year. In addition to revealing research, it includes expert trends analyses, contacts and profiles for hundreds of suppliers, instructional how-to’s, trade associations directory, events calendar, and much more.

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