Make More Money: Add Mass Notification Systems to Your Projects

Mass Notification Systems (MNS) is a growing field with revenue opportunities in the corporate, healthcare and education markets.

Two-way mass notification systems represent an added layer of RMR, and keeps communities connected with important information.

For decades, the most profitable activity for alarm contractors was to sell a system, at a loss, recoup costs via recurring monthly revenue (RMR) from monitoring and then profit from good service that retains the customer for many years. The next step was to repeat this process at a rate much greater than your attrition to grow your customer base and overall RMR.

Another opportunity is to sell MNS as a standalone system to operators of facilities in which you do not currently have the system under contract.

Earn Revenue for Each Building Occupant:
Offering an MNS to existing customers with campuses that draw a repeat daily population – schools, offices, hospitals, factories or government agencies – enables you to possibly earn additional revenue based on the number of “contacts” who must be notified in emergency and non-emergency manners.

In other words, mass notification could be the most profitable service you can offer existing customers who have a system in place already.

Open the Portal to Increased Community Safety
Alarm contractors can also sell MNS to communities, representing a huge new segment of potential customers.

An MNS could be used to alert citizens of an impending tornado, crime sprees, a boil order, a train derailment that’s blocked the main thoroughfare – anything really – as well as the means to receive community feedback, including requests for help.

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