How Next-Gen Video Security Enables Effective Transportation Solutions

Discover the wide range of benefits that mobile video surveillance solutions offer in the transportation industry.

Advancing video surveillance technologies are helping the far-flung mobile transportation sector achieve rising security challenges.

Find out how these technological solutions have a direct, positive correlation to overall growth of profit to transportation authorities.

Today’s mobile video security transportation solutions need to be flexible, reliable and leverage all available video management technologies to provide an effective solution for monitoring and protecting vehicles, products and passengers.

Technology has proven to increase public and private transit ridership, as well as safer and more secure transport of personnel, product and goods. Technological solutions have a direct, positive correlation to overall growth of profit to transportation authorities.

Almost every sector imaginable can benefit from mobile security solutions.

These include:

■ Federal and state departments of transportation
■ Light rail and regional and national commuter trains
■ Prison transportation systems
■ Armored vehicles
■ Shipping, distribution/trucking
■ Taxi cab fleets
■ School busses
■ City, county and state transit authorities
■ Trams/trolleys
■ Para-transit vehicles
■ Ferries/vehicle and passenger transport

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